Big Ben Cares Less About The Pro Bowl Than He Does About A Woman’s Consent

You may ask what Ben Roethlisberger is doing on Pro Bowl Sunday. And you may think that he is over at Mario’s trolling for some Duquesne girls, but you would be mistaken. He got drunk and went to the Royal Rumble.


PS – Guaranteed that Big Ben is a Randy Orton fan.

PSS – In the upper left of this GIF is a long time fan of Banned from the Pool, Mr. Boom Goes the Domanite. May you drink many a Yuengling tonight Mr. Domanite.

Extra Mustard’s Top 25 Sports Villains

For my money, no sports villain is more of a dick than Chong Li in Bloodsport, but this list from Dan Treadway at Extra Mustard is pretty legit. He easily could have shot to the top of this list if he would have banged Frank Dux’s girl and celebrated like he did at 3:02 of this video immediately after the money shot. Also, nice call on cancer in Brian’s song at #2, could have easily been overlooked.

Pablo S. Torre Killing It On Twitter

Pablo has been a Banned favorite for a while now and if we keeps it up with these incredible posts on twitter, i may just have to find him and buy some shots. And based on my recent run of buying shots, it will almost assuredly be Goldschlager.

Just Realized The Gatorade Collection Guy Went to Tim Tebow’s High School

Like every other jerk who doesn’t get paid enough, I was wasting some time today at work and came upon the video of the kid who has to throw away his Gatorade collection. Yes, he had a bottle of every Gatorade flavor and his mom was forcing him to throw them all away. Aside from his mom being an over-bearing bitch, I most likely would have used it to create the greatest jungle juice ever made and gotten some girls drunk before tossing the entire collection.

However, none of this is the point of this post. While watching the video I saw that he was wearing a Nease Basketball shirt. Yes, the same Nease High School that produced the ultimate virgin, Tim Tebow. Yes the same virgin that played quarterback for the Florida Gators. Yes, that place where Gatorade was invented. So I have obviously come to the conclusion that this guy, Tebow and the Gatorade people all had a circle jerk and came up with this advertising idea. Well played, assholes.